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    Sport Leagues in London

    A comprehensive package for teams who’d rather shirk the responsibility of organising their own leagues. Leagues last for 10 weeks and include weekly result and tables service, match balls, bibs and FA referees. Teams can expect to play 2-3 matches per night.

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    Sport Centre

    5-a-side football pitches for all ages. Goals also arranges leagues and tournaments. Also women-only and corporate leagues at various venues,


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    Weekend Outdoor Events

    Established in 1950, this north London league is currently looking for teams to join. It is probably one of the most respected leagues in the London area.

Sports insurance, Leisure Insurance, Insurance for Events


The key to underwriting Liability insurance successfully in such a niche area as leisure is to have comprehensive Proposal Forms for specific trades and to develop underwriting and loss control criteria.
Public Liability: The event insurance covers the Insured against liability at law for damages and the claimant's costs in respect of:

i)Injury to any person

ii)Damage to property

This policy would cover the Insured as an organisation as well as its directors and employees.


Under this heading, you would find the following main covers:

a. Cancellation and/or Abandonment of Events

This insurance is designed to protect the Insured for loss of expenses and commitments, and in some cases gross revenue, following the cancellation, postponement or abandonment of an event through any cause beyond the control of the Insured other than financial problems and/or lack of public support.

Typical events insured are:

o Concerts

o Sporting events

o Carnivals

o Conferences

o Theatrical productions

o Air shows and tours

b.Non-Appearance & Non-Performance.

These policies are designed primarily to cover the contingency of non-appearance of an Artist and/or Group of Artists (Athletes etc.) engaged to appear in a particular event.

c. Non-Delivery or Delay in Transit.

This covers downtime or cancellations of scheduled events caused by the delay in arrival, or failure to appear of property and equipment shipped by various means, which is actually beyond the control of the parties involved.

d. TV-Transmission Failure.

Covers the failure to provide the entire sound and/or electrical breakdown, failure or malfunctioning of power supply and/or satellite and/or transmission and/or receiving and/or projection equipment.

e. Prize Indemnity.

This would cover Hole-in-one and other similar Sporting events including setting of various records and achieving other extraordinary results. The policy could cover individuals or teams/clubs, and would typically be bought by Sponsors, Clubs and Event Organisers.

Personal Accident/Key Man insurance

This policy is a 24 hour, worldwide cover against Injury or Death resulting from Accident or Sickness. It is custom made for every kind of sport and in all cases covers professional disability i.e. if the athlete cannot continue his/her profession as an athlete. The normal medical disability can also be included.

The insurance could be seen as a workman's compensation insurance for athletes. A personal accident policy may be taken out by an athlete or by a third party, such as an agent, or an organisation, such as a club or sponsor who is in a position where a pecuniary loss will be suffered in the event of disability (permanent or temporary) of the insured person.

Pleasure Marine

This policy covers pleasure boats for material damage and third party liability. GRC have started this activity out of Lyon, and we have an underwriting agreement for France.

Podium Sports London websites

Badminton in London

Weekly badminton sessions on Thursday evenings from 8pm to 10pm followed by a social in a local pub. Open to players at all levels. Options to participate in European & UK tournaments. New members welcome.

Cycling in the capital

We ride our bikes for recreation and fun. We have a programme of rides in London, in the countryside around London and beyond. We aim to vary the types and lengths of rides to involve all levels of cycling ability and interest. As a sports club we believe that it is the company with whom you ride with as much as the route that makes a good cycle ride. Podium Members of the club receive a bi-monthly newsletter of the rides.


Please note that this website is not associated in any way with www.podiumskillslondon.co.uk pre 05/2015 or any other Podium Skills company. 

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History of Podium Sports London

We are pleased to announce the opening of the club's internet shop in conjunction with sport events who are an online retailer specialising in rackets, clothing and accessories for squash, tennis, badminton and racketball.

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This is a joint venture between the club and sport events with a view to offering members a much wider range of goods together with a fast, efficient service at highly competitive prices.

Get in touch!

The shop at the club will as usual be stocked with day to day requirements (balls,grips etc) together with a large range of demonstration rackets and branded club shirts.

E-mail: contact@podiumskillslondon.co.uk